26 arrested in operations against Gulen Terrorism Through Turkey


Security forces on Tuesday arrested 26 people in separate operations against Gulen terrorist group culprit of The attempted coup on July 15, 2016.

at one operation based on in Istanbul, the Prosecutor’s Office issued arrest Diary for 53 suspects, accused of take part in terrorist group’s secret network in Turkish Armed Forces (TSK). 23 of them were arrested in operations in 16 counties, while the chase is underway for capture the others. Among the wanted and arrested are three non-commissioned officers from the Land Forces Command and non-commissioned officers who were expelled from the Air Force Command on suspicion of Links to FETÖ and former military students.

The suspects were identified through a series of Guide against them, including their contacts with fellow FETÖ members through public payphones, a common The method used by group secrets and confessions of Arrest of members of the Gülen terrorist group in previous operations. Payphones have proven they are the terrorist group’s decline since the coup attempt was crushed. Focus on their probe on public phones in busy Places, investigators have been able to identify a large number of “imams” who Contact the hackers to arrange secret meetings.

The FETÖ terrorist organization still exists active in Years after the attempted coup against Turkey, in that you hired military hackers. but she faces more Exposure nowadays, thanks to the growing number of members cooperate with authorities to throw light on Secrecy network. In the capital, Ankara alone, 1,244 people out of The 4724 detainees for Terrorist links group cooperate with investigators last year. their confessions, in exchange for permissive sentence in Terror issues against To them, the authorities helped uncover nearly 20,000 former FETÖ suspects unknown to the authorities. Gulen terrorist members arrested in operations in The years before the coup attempt were less willing to cooperate with Powers and numbers show. but this changed After the attempted coup, in which several members participated of The group have admitted that they saw true face” of The group for The first the time. Terrorist Gulen even after two coup attempts in In late 2013, I managed to keep it followers exploited under the guise of charitable movement with Religious tones. But the collaborators are getting angry of notable members of The group who They fled Turkey before and after the 2016 coup attempt, and who can be disassembled on social media. Emre Oslo, a fugitive from the FETÖ members who currently Lives in The United States, where the Gulenist terrorist leader Fethullah Gulen also Live, his identity was recently revealed of a former Member of Vito who cooperate with authorities on social media. Oslo sought to incite fellow FETÖ members against Collaborator, “Alive now in Cologne, Germany”.

In the Northwest Province of Edirne, security forces arrested three suspects of FETÖ who They were trying illegally to cross the border into Greece. The suspects have been discovered in a military Closed area to civilian crossings in Merech district.

Greece was favorite Gate for Suspects linked to groupalthough most of them prefer the wild roads in Northwest Turkey. European country attracted more Fugitives from FETÖ after it refused to hand them over soldiers concerned in 2016 coup attempt against Turkey after they kidnapped A military helicopter and took Shelter in Greece.

More than 8000 FETÖ members crossed into Greece in The past Three years, according to the authorities. Ankara criticized the country for Ignore her calls for international cooperation against terrorist group.

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