A Ukrainian woman is granted a UK visa after a British friend of 12 days hunger strike


British woman, a mother of one got a visa for her ukrainian best friend after he was on a hunger strike for 12 days.

Rend Platings of Cambridge will host her friend Christina Korniuk, 34, who is a resident of Kyiv who A visa has now been granted under the Ukrainian Sponsorship Scheme.

Platings said the visa application was made Within minutes of Scheme opening last Month.

It started hunger strike on April 1 after hearing nothing but an acknowledgment that “the delay in Issuance of visas adds to already A horrific humanitarian crisis.”

The CEO of the charity finished it hunger strike on Tuesday, after the Korniuk visa was granted, but she said she would continue to do so campaign in Other methods such as more people Waiting for visas.

Platings said it was “amazing” that Kornyuk was coming to Britain.

“It was a lot late but I feel really relieved that she is now able to come,” she said.

platings, who painted it home in Colors of Ukraine flag in a show of support for friends in She said to her 8-year-old or old daughter Samantha screamed with Joy “when I learned that Kornyuk’s visa had been granted.

“cried with cheerful; She was very happy about it. I’m really comfortable about it, and Christina, I talked to her, she called me right after I got the news she said.

“She thinks it should be me hunger The strike caused more Quickly as there are many of people I’m still waiting. It’s a shame we had to go through everything of this and there people still waiting” added.

It is 1.7 m (5.5 ft) tall. mother She said she was “really sick” during it hunger Hit and fell from 64 to 54 kg in Weight.

Description how She said, “I was too just Thinking, it’s there in unbearable difficult situation for her to wait for For so long that I can put up with that until at least she gets her visa.”

Platings said she might go to Ukraine for help Her friend travels to Britain where she says Kornyuk is “totally broken”.

Korniiuk is currently in The city of Yarimchi in the West of Ukraine, having fled KyivAnd she has relatives in Donbass who want to remain.

Platings said she hopes Kornyuk can do it join Ha in Cambridge within a week to 10 days. she added it’s hard decision” for To leave Korniiuk because she didn’t know If you will see family again.

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