Al-Amid continues his victories by beating Abha with a double signed by Hamdallah and Roma


Al-Ittihad won a tough 2-1 victory over their hosts Abhay in yesterday’s matchday 11 of the Saudi Roshan League.

There were no major changes to Al-Ittihad’s game, with the only change in line-up being the appearance of Coronado as a replacement for Bruno Henrique and the return of Abdul Rahman Al-Aboud after suspension.

And with all this pressure, Abdul Razzaq Hamdallah, with all his skill, puts a beautiful wide pass from Muhannad Al Shankiti to the right of Ibasi, Abhi’s goalkeeper, announcing the first goal at the 21st minute of the first half.

After this goal, the Abha team liberated and pressed Marcelo Grohe’s goal from all sides, and also scored many goals from outside the box through the moving Saleh Al-Omari, Saad Baqir and Nawaf Al-Saadi.

In the 38th minute, the referee appointed a penalty in favor of Abhi, but after returning to the mouse technique, the decision was canceled and Abhi’s attempts continued, and possession of the ball in this half they had with a large percentage, in which his players received 7 corners, which Al- Ittihad and Marcelo Grohe ensured in removing their danger.

And with the end of the first half, in which the Greek referee Anastaios counted 7 minutes of lost time, no changes occurred as a result of this first half.

There was no change in the line-up between the two teams as the second half began and Romarinho gave Abha no chance to adjust when he took advantage of his skill and perfectly dribbled past Abha’s defender and sent the ball to Abha scored a double goal in the 50th minute of the second half.

And because Romarinho is celebrating taking off his shirt, you get a yellow card.

In the 55th minute, Abha Club take a penalty on Tarik Hamed, touching the ball with his hand in the penalty area, Saad Bakir advances towards him, but Marcelo Grohe looks and blocks the penalty.

Al-Ittihad failed to rebound and rush Abha players, and in the 69th minute Nuno Santo made his first substitutions with the entry of Helder Costa and the entry of Abdulaziz Al-Bishy, ​​and in the 72nd minute Saleh Al-Omari scored a goal to close the gap after a big effort from the middle of the Al Ittihad club stadium by getting him away from Grohe. After this goal, the two coaches made many changes, most notably the departure of Romarinho and the entry of Awad al-Nashiri, and many opportunities were implemented for Al-Ittihad, especially Abdul Rahman al-Abud and Abdul-Razzaq Hamdallah.

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