Al-Buraikan refreshes Al-Fateh’s preparations for division


Al-Fateh’s first football team continues training at its stadium in Al-Ahs, after a rest given to the players by the technical staff, in preparation for the meeting with Al-Wahda next Thursday as part of the ninth round of the Saudi Roshan. League with the resumption of competition.

Denis started with the fitness aspects, running around the field and jumping over hurdles and cones, focusing on increasing the level of fitness and physical strength of the players, followed by various ball exercises at different venues.

The training was attended by the international team of Firas Al-Buraikan after the end of the rest, which was provided to the players of the first team of Saudi Arabia after participating in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Al Fateh enters the Al Wehda match with (12) points in eighth place, while host Al Wehda has (7) points in twelfth place.

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