Al Shehri: We played beach soccer against Iraq


National team coach Saad Al Shehri said that our match against Iraq depended on the physical nature, and this is not our style, Al Akhdar will not lose any of his players due to injury.

And Saad Al-Shehri pointed out that the poor condition of the stadium due to rain prevented the players from showing their abilities by adopting physical strength, and if it depended only on skill, the match would have taken a different turn.

He added we tried to renew the blood of the team with four substitutions because I was expecting an increase in physical activity on the players and I was sure that we would only score from a set ball, but everything went the way everyone saw, which suggests that if our team, which participated in the World Cup and won against Argentina, would not have been able to win in these conditions.

Our national coach explained that he couldn’t blame the players for the loss, because of this field, it was a beach match, so the match is over and we have to use the rest of the match.

Al Shehri said beating the Omani team would guarantee us a place in the next round, meaning that the Omani team is good and all I hope for is good ground, which indicates that the Saudi Arabian player needs a good priming. fulfill.

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