Amazon and Visa reach an agreement over credit card costs


All stores and sites will accept Visa cards in the framework of of a global agreement, the payments giant announced on Wednesday.

amazon said last November that it would stop accepting Visa credits cards Published in the UK because of high transaction fees charged by the payment processor.

Earlier this year, the e-commerce giant finally said it wouldn’t stop accepting UK-issued Visa credits. cards on this is british website adding that it worked with Visa for resolve a fight over payment fees.

A ceiling imposed by the EU on the fees charged by card transmitters no longer in place in the UK after Brexit.

“Visa is pleased to have reached a large, global agreement with Amazon. This agreement includes the acceptance of Visa at all Amazon stores and sites today, as well as a shared commitment to collaborate on new product and technology initiatives for ensure innovative payment experiences for our clients in the future”said a Visa spokesperson in an email to Reuters.

Amazon, on on the other hand, has not commented yet.

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