An an in eastern Ukraine son tension


The Donbass region in southeastern Ukraine witnessed an acceleration of events today, coinciding with the announcement on Friday that the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics will begin evacuating their citizens to Russia.

The Two People’s Republics announced the start of the evacuation of their citizens to Russia, in anticipation of an imminent military offensive by Kiev government forces.

After the announcement of the start of the evacuation, this evening a car exploded at a car station in front of the government headquarters of the Donetsk Republic, while the commander of the Republican People’s Police announced that he had survived the explosion.

In the same context, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned that the start of a war in Ukraine on the backdrop of tension with Russia would lead to a “disaster” in the region.

Moscow faces unprecedented threats of sanctions from the West at a time when the Kiev government and NATO member states persistently claim that Russia is massing more than 100,000 large forces “to prepare for a new invasion” on the Ukrainian border. Ukrainian territory.

The Russian government has repeatedly emphasized that it does not intend to launch any operation against Ukraine, and stressed that all the reports about this are baseless and that the purpose of these allegations is to escalate tensions in the region and fuel anti-Russian rhetoric. which justifies new economic sanctions and NATO’s eastward expansion, which it opposes. Moscow strongly says this threatens Russia’s security.


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