An Indian man was arrested at Bangkok airport after 17 wild animals were found in his luggage.


An Indian man has been arrested at Bangkok International Airport after 17 live animals were found in his luggage, including monkeys, snakes and desert foxes, according to the Thai wildlife protection unit.

Thailand is a center for the trade in wild animals, which are often destined for well-known markets such as China and Vietnam, where parts of these animals are used in traditional medicine. The Animal and Plant Protection Unit on Tuesday evening found eight furry-type monkeys, a desert fox and a raccoon, three iguanas, two walruses and two pythons, as well as one of the Indian’s bags, in plastic boxes hidden behind food supplies. was subjected to X-ray examination.

“Authorities have arrested a man who tried to illegally trade and smuggle several animals into India,” said division chief Prasert Sonsapornkul. Abelach Annadori (21) was scheduled to fly from Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport to Chennai, eastern India, but police arrested him on charges of wildlife trafficking. Authorities indicated that the estimated value of the animals, some of which do not live in the wild in Thailand, is around $2,700. “We haven’t found any microchips placed on animals, so we don’t know where they came from,” said Prasert Sonsapornkull, who notes the rise in animal trade in India.

Found animals were sent to veterinarians for medical examination. At the end of June, two Indian women were stopped at Suvarnabhumi airport who were planning to travel to Chennai with more than 100 live animals, including 35 turtles and 50 chameleons.

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