Ana de Armas reveals Monroe’s permission request on her grave

The Spanish Cuban actress, Ana de Armas, broke out record After receiving a warm welcome for 14 minutes for to her role in the first show of Her biopic Marilyn Monroe “The Blonde” at the Venice Film Festival. 34-year old Hollywood actor, who can not bear back Her tears were for the praise she once received on Agenda after she mentioned that she visited the crew tomb of He asked the legendary name Marilyn Monroe for Permission to shoot the story of her life.

Unveiled information during an interview with AnOther Magazine said, “We got this big card and everyone in The crew wrote her a letter. Then we went to the cemetery and laid it on her grave.”

We were asking for permission in a way. Everyone felt a great responsibility, and we were very conscious of The side of The story We would have said – that story of Norma Jean, the person behind This character is Marilyn Monroe. Who was she really? ” she added.

Written and directed by Andrew Dominic, “Blond” is based. on 2000 novel of Same name from Joyce Carol Oates.

Armas, who Receive full marks from critics for to her performance also She mentioned that she believes in the soul of the famous star The actors “chased” the entire shooting period of The movie. she also She claimed “Marilyn’s spirit is calm now” when she spoke to the press at the Venice Film Festival.

Adding her belief that the ghost of Hollywood star Always nearby, Armas said: “I think she was very close to her us. she was with us.” The director of The movie Andrew Dominic, also We shared the same thought as Armas: “It was definitely like a session’, admitting that he felt Marilyn’s presence.

What makes things equal more Some scenes are mystical of The movie killing in The same apartment Monroe lived in with She is mentally ill mother. In addition, the death The scene was filmed in The room in which there is a star who Boy in 1926, tragically died in 1962.

Armas also I mentioned it worked with her accent coach for Nine months to master her accent in The movie. However, it has received a lot of criticism for Her nationality and dialect.

Monroe’s property, though not involved in The movie supported performanceHowever, Armas’ saying “embodies the charm of Marilyn, humanityand vulnerability,” after seeing the trailer.

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