Apple TV + Subscription Prices Increase: Is it Worth the Cost?


Tempting Choices: Streaming Platforms on the Rise

Streaming platforms have gained immense popularity in recent years, becoming a common feature in most households. It has become rare not to be subscribed to at least one of the multitude of platforms available today. From well-known giants like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, to newcomers like Disney +, the options are endless! These platforms offer an irresistible variety of television series and films, catering to the diverse interests of their audience. Moreover, new content is constantly being added to their catalogs each month, ensuring there is always something for everyone.

Recognizing the appreciation of viewers, the majority of these services have made strategic decisions to maintain their appeal. For instance, Disney, with its exclusive rights to major franchises like Star Wars and Marvel, has successfully attracted fans with their enticing offerings. This has led to streaming platforms making decisions that may not always be beneficial for their viewers. A recent example is Netflix’s discontinuation of account sharing a few months ago, leading to increased costs for all subscribers. Furthermore, Netflix itself has raised its prices, causing discontent among its loyal fanbase. Surprisingly, even Apple TV + has followed suit.

Increase in Apple TV + Subscription Prices

Subscribers to Apple TV + should brace themselves for some unfortunate news: the streaming platform will be increasing its subscription prices. The new rate will be $9.99 per month, representing a $3 increase from the original price of $6.99. Apple officially announced this decision and assured subscribers that the changes will be implemented within 30 days, coinciding with their next subscription renewal. It’s worth noting that Netflix subscribers will also experience a hike from €8.99 to €10.99, and Premium subscribers will now pay €19.99 instead of €17.99.

Many may find this decision puzzling, considering that Apple TV + is not as popular as Netflix. However, the platform has demonstrated its ability to afford such increases by continually gaining popularity. The streaming giants justify their decision by asserting that the prices still remain competitive when compared to the cost of a cinema ticket.

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