Australian History’s Biggest Drug Bust: The Details


In the largest operation of its kind, the Australian police managed to seize a huge amount of cocaine worth about one billion Australian dollars (about 700 million US dollars). , seizing 2.4 tons of cocaine and arresting drug cartel members. An international covert operation has prevented the importation of 2.4 tons of cocaine worth A$1 billion into Western Australia. “As a result of the operation, 12 people were arrested, and the Mexican drug cartel is the source of cocaine,” she added.

Police called Operation Buk and said it involved several Australian and international drug enforcement agencies and released a video of the cocaine seizure and the arrest of the gang members.

She explained that the operation began in November last year after the Sydney Drug Enforcement Administration intercepted 2.4 tons of cocaine destined for Australia off the coast of South America. This gave the Western Australian police the opportunity to replace the shipment with materials and packaging similar to those used by the cartel. The BBC reported on Saturday that Beach is the “biggest arrest of drug traffickers in Australian history”.

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