Basketball green clinging to her chances at the world championship


Our national basketball team has completed its preparations to meet its Indian counterpart tomorrow, Thursday, at the fifth stage of the Asian qualifier for the 2023 Basketball World Cup, and next Monday it will face the Philippine team at the same stage at King Abdullah Sports. City Hall in Jeddah. Eight teams from Asia will qualify for the 2023 FIBA ​​World Cup through six windows over 15 months starting in November 2021 and continuing until February 2023.

For his part, Dutch coach Johan Johan, coach of the national basketball team, said that the basketball team’s chances of qualifying for the World Cup are slim, adding that we should take advantage of this opportunity and win all matches. as it is an opportunity to get to know the players and learn their habits and what we should do. In the future and its change, this is also an opportunity for the players to get to know me, adding that we must build new foundations in defense and attack.” Due to the fact that Marzouk Al-Mawlid and Nasser Abu Glas did not make it to the last list, he said that Al-Mawlid did not perform at the level that I expected as a player in the national team, and his style of play does not correspond to what we want apply it. As for Nasser, Johan said he only played two games this season and wasn’t physically up to par and got injured in the final days of training camp, but I promised him if he improved in the next window and we would pick him. Our team coach Johan Goya Cruz has announced the final roster for the Greens in preparation for the India vs. Philippines matches in the Asian Qualifier for the 2023 FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup. Dutch Johan’s final cuts were as follows:

Muhammad Al-Sagher, Ali Al-Shubaili, Fahd Bilal, Ayman Al-Maulid, Muhammad Al-Marwani, Muthanna Al-Marwani, Khaled Abdul-Jabbar, Musab Qazi, Tamer Muhammad, Abdul Rahman Fallata, Osama Al-Barkawi, Abdul- Malik Ashour, Muhammad Hamza, Hazem Al-Jawhar. Our team held friendly tests in preparation for this stage of qualification, the last of which was against the UAE team, and Saudi Arabia ended with the score (81-77).

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