Bell in The autumn with Famous Alacati Herb Festival in Turkey


Spring is here, which means it’s time to celebrate the much-anticipated agricultural festivals in number of beloved cities in Turkey. This week begins the Alaçatı Herb Festival known as Alaçatı Ot Festivali in Turkish, which extends to four days of Celebrations centered on Local products, featuring seminars, cooking shows, competitions, exhibitions and concerts for Turkey leading performers.

Alaçatı Herb Festival, which begins on Thursday 24 March, is in your hands down The most popular harvest festival place annually in Turkey. this is year It will be the 11th edition of This four-day festival celebrates wild herbs and Aegean vegetables region Famous for. taking place From March 24 to March 27, the festival hosts dozens of Stand to display local products and prepared dishes with The over 125 kinds of different wild herbs that grow in The region. In addition to the stands that offer tastings of Various dishes prepared with As well as selling herbs and local and handmade products giftsAlacati Herb Festival in fact also It has exhibitions, seminars and concerts place on Side lines for the duration of the festival. And so, this already The amazing city turns into a gastronomical wonderland for what is literally best festival in Turkey, where it was awarded the title of “Best Festival” by Shining Star, Turkey’s best entertainment and recreation award.

Alacati is holiday The city is located in interrupt of Izmir that gained fame for Being a windsurfing haven just a few decades ago. Since then, the attractive city of Alaçatı, located a few kilometers inland, has been converted into a boutique holiday This is the destination in Average demand By famous and wealthy photographers and photographers follow they. The city itself has an amazing character with Decorated storm cobbled streets with renovated traditional pebble homes Transformed into boutique hotels and upscale restaurants. In summer, this city is almost inaccessible. while the area saturated with Boutique Hotels demand High in Agatti season is clearly considered one of The most upscale and fun destination in existence in Turkey – it can be said in The world!

In the summer, this is hardly possible walk Streets, don’t bother to book a room or restaurant. I don’t mean to exaggerate, but if you haven’t seen Alaçatı yet, you should. This is the feeling shared by many in Turkey whoEven though you’re not a skater, come on out just to enjoy Beach clubs, shops, chic cafes and upscale restaurants. Fortunately, during the Alaçatı Herb Festival, almost everything will remain open and is more A fun time to visit and discover the city, if not simply for This month more mellow weather. the number of Visitors in The past has crossed the million mark, with people airline out for These four days of Celebrations for everyone over The world.

All yearAlaçatı Herb . Festival highlights Edible original wild green featured in Dishes prepared in cooking competitions And the on menus in Restaurants all over the city. This year’s grass of Honor is “Labada” which is also It is referred to as evelik and appears to be a type of Dock, a species in black wheat family.

this is year’s highlights Offer included on Friday, March 25th, which will conclude with a performance By Ayhan Sesimoglu and Latin All Stars. Ayhan Sesimoglu is a talented musician who He is also Known for being a very charming and fun host of Travel shows. less famous fact Is that Sicimoğlu is actually one of institutional of festival, so this is special treat To watch this wonderful performer and percussionist who are also talented group of The musicians shine. In the meantime, it should not be outdone, on Saturday 26th March, Kenan Dogolo, one of Turkey’s most famous pop singer will take the stage after fame model TV personality Çağla ikel hosts cooking competition It will take place During the day.

a little only of other highlights Include olive oil tasting, seminar on Ayurvedic uses of regional herbs and panel Introducing Mushrooms for Beginners led by mycologist Gilber Baruchian. Other conversations include making tea with herbs, how To prepare different regional herbs and how Alaçatı Herb Festival came to fruition. will there also Be several cooking shows place on side lines on how to combine herbs in Kitchen, including class on Making famous meatballs in Turkey with Wild herbs. will there also Be organized for walks, bike rides and afternoons on Saturday dedicated to childrenwhich will feature music, ceramics and other fun party Deeds.

Don’t worry if it’s too late to book a room in Alacati itself is Cesme just five minutes drive away and is region that used to be at the fore with holiday-pioneers in The past Before the pristine windsurfing conditions of Alaçatı are discovered. Urla is another popular vacation destination also It is conveniently located between Alaçatı and city Center which is definitely excellent option for Overnight stay.

Mark your calendars for Also in late April, Urla Artichoke is another festival special chance To discover this attractive city in Summer is starting to compete in demand In the previous more Popular neighbor (Acati). Likewise paint this festival out participants from all over The world And it takes several days of amusing eventsincluding talks, panel discussions, and cooking shows and concerts.

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