Brazilian Capital Witnesses Clash between Lebanese and Iraqi Nationals


A violent row broke out between dozens of Lebanese and Iraqis on a street described as a popular shopping center in Brazil’s economic capital, São Paulo, home to more than 7 million Lebanese.

And the website of Veja magazine, citing the police, reports that it all started last Saturday, when members of the Lebanese family visited the Iraqi family’s store at 25 de Março Street, which wholesales ready-made clothing and fabrics in the mall, and demanded a debt to them, and there was a quarrel during which one of the visitors was stabbed to death. Simply, therefore, the situation did not end as they hoped, but rather raged, and prompted them to return in large numbers, and a quarrel broke out a few minutes later, which escalated into an armed conflict (knives and pistols).

According to the information, the fight was so wide that the street became narrow due to the large number of people involved, which the police estimated at more than 80 people of all ages, which forced the closure of most of the streets leading to the square and several shops.

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