Britain Rejects Plans by Far-Right Party to Burn Qur’an


far-right politician Rasmus Paludan, who He was planning to burn a copy of A statement stated that the Koran would not allow him to enter Britain made By Security Minister Tom Tugendhat on Monday.

Tugendhat Danish-Swedish leader Rasmus Paludan said of Stream chorus party was established in 2017, was added to the “Warnings Indicator” and he will be banned from entering the country.

Paludan organized several protests in Who burned the Qur’an some of Which led to violent counter-protests.

in a Twitter video on Sunday he said plans to burn a copy of Holy Islamic book in a public Square in English city of Wakefield, West Yorkshire, to coincide this week with Ramadan.

to talk in Commons during Home Office questions, Labor member of Parliament’s Simon Lightwood (Wakefield) raised concerns over Possible visit and protest.

He said: “Danish far-right politician Rasmus Paludan said he would travel from Denmark to Wakefield. for sole purpose of Burning the Qur’an in a public place.

Paludan had been imprisoned before in Denmark for His hateful and racist remarks. He’s a dangerous man should It is not allowed to enter this country. Can the Minister of Interior reassure me and assure me community That the government is taking action to prevent it? “

Mr Tugendhat replied: “May I inform the Council that Mr Paludan was added to the warnings indicator, and therefore his travel to the UK would not be beneficial with the public good He will not be allowed access. “

paludan, who He is the leader of Far right Stram Kurs (Hard Line) party Burn a copy of The Quran outside Turkish embassy in Stockholm in January with police protection and permission from the Swedish authorities.

The following week he burned a copy of Bible in Before of Mosque in Denmark, which has led to the condemnation of many of the Muslim majority countriesincluding Turkey.

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