Canada.. 4 people arrested for planning to kill the police


Canadian police have arrested four people accused of plotting to kill members of the Royal Mounted Police during the ‘Liberty Caravan’ siege at the Coates border crossing with the US.

Police said they arrested Chris Carbert, 44, Christopher Lesk, 48, Anthony Olinick, 39, and Jerry Morin, 40, all based in Alberta, for conspiring to commit murder against the Royal Canadian Mounted Police known as the Mounties.

According to the information obtained, four people are among the 13 people arrested with guns since Monday during the “Freedom Caravan” siege in Cotes.

Federal Police said, “Two people were arrested with guns on a highway on Tuesday. These are Coats Crossing’in about the closure on second and on third arrests.”

The four men face an additional charge for possession of a weapon with a dangerous purpose, and Christopher Lisk faces additional charges for making threats.

Source: “Independent”

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