CES 2023: Aromatherapy in Metaverse, brain scanners, virtual progress


immersive technologies was the topic of CES annual tech show in This is Las Vegas year with virtual reality Get the most products of lights. Let’s take a look at some highlights From the 2023 edition of Folklore Festival that ends on Sunday.

Get a shot and stand up in Heavy rain surrounded by bees: Nothing is perfect, however for Players, feeling the sensations of Each of them goal. at CES tech showthe video game Industry show off just how vibrant gaming Maybe made with new vests head Pillows and other simulation products.

“a lot of consumers do gamesand they are searching for gaming Kiuk Gwak equipment of bHaptics Inc. She told AFP (AFP) while showing his company’s jacket gloves In Las Vegas rally, which ends on Sunday.

The tactile jacket replicates the feel of Action playing out in virtual worlds while matching touch gloves add feelings of touches.

“People are not like that just using our jacket for They get shot, but they can feel wind, rain, or even bees in virtual realityJack said.

Gaming wasn’t the only focus of the technologies In the display of a path with hundreds of start- Offers products aimed at improving health, education and workincrease productivity and help save the planet.

Brain scan cap

Like a sorting hat in book “Harry Potter” seriesthe iSyncWave sits on top of the headdoes a quick analysis of You and he reads out It results.

But this tool is not magic.

Developed by iMediSync, the headset performs an electroencephalogram (EEG) and uses artificial intelligence to predict potential risks. of Cognitive problems, including Alzheimer’s, within 10 minutes.

The South Korean company believes that its headphones can be radical reduce the financial cost and the time required to perform such diagnostic tests.

the device he could also maybe used one day to perform certain treatments for Neurological diseases.

mature and ready

the start-up OneThird aims to fight Food waste, infrared display device That “cleaned” avocado – for Any maturity seems to roll of dice.

everybody one What you have to do is put an avocado under the scanner, then the algorithms will determine if it is “not yet ripe”, “ripe”, or “ripe”, which is a color-coded response on a mobile Implementation.

the device he also Described as a way of Prevent supermarket customers from squeezing avocado after avocado, which can make it spoil faster.

The company takes its name from fact that one-Third of global Food products go to waste.

Rear seat gamer?

Razer is one of The multiple companies, including Dell and Acer, that showed up off Sport laptops with big, rich screens computer Chips designed to lure players who badly wanted speed and indulge.

Gaming PCs latest The chips were from competitors AMD and Nvidia also on display.

“accident games with Increasingly demanding realistic visuals new levels of said AMD graphics unit senior Vice President Scott Herkelman.

nvidia also announced Its GeForce Now can do video game service will be included in vehicles for the first Time thanks alliance with Hyundai Motor Group, BYD and Polestar.

Thanks Cloud technology and the mobile Internet, vehicle Passengers can avoid boredom with the ability to enjoy music and movies And now the video games in the carNvidia said in issuance, noting who it is in The driver’s seat will only be able to play while standing.

“the ability to stream games to me car he key ingredient of the future of in-vehicle expertise.”

CES Exhibits Powered by tech Titans like South Korea competitors Meanwhile, LG and Samsung have included custom-designed screens for players with features Like sweeping curves to enhance the feeling of immersion.

Coding without coding

With the increase of computers in Complicated day by day, many startups are making networking easier with techespecially for people who No know how to code.

At the Tactigon booth, Nadia Giuliani is standing by behind a small The robot, holding two joysticks connected, clapping her hands and saying “clap”.

the device Immediately imitates her with applause. Could you also use to teach dance moves for android.

“We are now using voice Commands and gestures because we need to get more normal interface with the digital world”,” says Massimiliano Bellino, boss of tactigons parent Next Industries.

“we need To humanize the interaction with the digital world,” he adds.

Italian company booth of softwarebased on on Artificial intelligence designed in private for factories so that technicians can teach robots perform tasks instead of the need to program manually.

Tactigon promises a productivity gain of 30% thanks to algorithms.

Smart punching bag

I-Perskin, A.; wireless Sack slips over any punching bag, features light-up Flexible electronic targets and sensors that guide exercises and analyze the user’s strength and accuracy.

a mobile The app helps set exercises and review performance.

French startup designed The wrapper, I-Percut, is intended to be sold initially to gyms.

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