Cleaning begins after record- break the storm Eunice kills 4 in UK

A big cleaning goes start in the UK after Storm Eunice brought destruction and a strong record-striking winds that killed at least four people.

From millions of people were invited to stay home on Friday due to safety fears over impact of Eunice, one of the worst storms in hit Britain in a generation, while transport problems meant many were unable to travel.

Windy conditions caused deaths and injuries in Different components of the country, along with trip interruption, flight cancellation, power cuts and overwhelmed police forces with calls.

the big cleaning could be hampered car yellow wind and ice warnings are in place through the rooms of the country.

Rail networks were disrupted with flying debris, while there was damage to buildings and homes.

A woman in his 30th birthday died after a tree fell on a car in Haringey, north London, on Friday afternoon, the Metropolitan Police said. It was the first confirmed death in England linked to Eunice.

A man in his 50th birthday is dead in Netherton, Merseyside after the debris hit the windscreen of a vehicle he was traveling in.

Another man in his 20s were killed in Alton, Hampshire after a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter pick-up came into collision with a tree in Old Odiham Road just before noon.

Earlier, a man in The Irish county of Wexford was also killed at cause from a falling tree.

Another citizen suffered “serious injuries” after being hit by the debris of a roof in Henley-on-Thames.

Of them men were also in hospital after being injured in similar and distinct incidents in South London.

A number of former operators extended warnings not to travel on Saturday.

The Met Office issued a less severe advice yellow wind warning for many of the south coast of England and South Wales on Saturday, which read: “Could hinder recovery efforts of Storm Eunice.

The areas affected by the warning could experience more bridge closures, travel delays and more power cuts.

The icy expanses are also widely expected in the North of England, Northern Ireland and Scotland, with a bit of snow in the regions.

The winds of 196 km/h (121.7 mph) has been provisionally recorded at Les Aiguilles on the island of Wight, which, if verified, would be the highest never registered in England.

The previous record was 190 km/h at Gwennap Head in Cornwall in 1979.

Shared pictures online showed planes struggling to land in high winds, roof damage of the O2 arena in London and the spire of St. Thomas Church in Wells, Somerset, crashing to the ground.

There were still hundreds of power cuts in western parts of the country as of Friday night.

Five flood the warnings were also always in place.

Police forces and local authorities across the country said they were inundated with storm-related phone calls, with East Sussex County Council receives 97 reports of fallen trees at 4pm

On the transport networkseveral roads were closed.

The wind speed forced both the M4 Prince of The Wales Bridge and the M48 Severn Bridge to Wales will be closed to traffic for What this’on believes to be the first time in historywhile the Humber Bridge linking Yorkshire and Lincolnshire closed from 1.30pm

The A6 in Buxton was also firm on Friday afternoon after the explosion of a truck overcausing minor injuries.

Form operators across Britain urged passengers to avoid travel altogether on Friday, with no services operating in Wales for all day and seven trains operators suspend all roads.

Many train services did not work on Saturday morning and no travel advisory has been reissued for a number of services, according to National Rail Inquiries.

A “do not travel” advisory has been reissued for the Southern, Thameslink and Great Northern networks for Saturday morning, where some lines are not expected to reopen until the afternoon.

South Western Railway expects significant disruption to son network in in the morning, while Great Western Railway and Greater Anglia services are suspended until around 10 a.m.

Passengers are always asked to avoid travel where possible.

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