Comedian Chris Rock set to be the first perform live on Netflix

Netflix has announced Comedian Chris Rock would be first Artist on Platform perform a event live next year The streaming service also said that it will provide an opportunity for viewers to watch Rock’s real-time special liveNetflix also looks to the temptation more viewers away from traditional TV and rising flow competition.

comedy showwhich will be Rock’s second for Netflix after 2018 will be ‘Chris Rock: Tamborine’ available to watch in The company said, early 2023, without providing further details.

Chris Rock one of The most famous and important comedic voices of Our Generation, Netflix Vice President of Comedy Robbie Brau said, in a permit. “We are very happy world will be able to experience a live chris rock comedy event be a part of Netflix history.

“This is going to be an unforgettable moment and we are so proud of Chris carrying this torch.”

Stone, who Famous for hitting in The face For actor Will Smith at the 2022 Oscars, he said he would discuss his reaction to the incident in The live Netflix set.

“People expect me to talk nonsense, I won’t talk about it now,” he said. in London during the 2022 Ego Death Tour, which ends later this month. “I’ll get to him eventually, on Netflix. “

The broadcast platform said it would give more Details about live Stone event Later.

Netflix, who lost subscribers for The first earlier this year Before you recently reported a return to growthExperiments have been performed with new modelsincluding a cheaper subscription option Supported by ads.

On Tuesday, The Wall Street Journal reported that Netflix was looking at shows live sports on her platform for The first time. Competitors including Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video already Show live events Including sports and music events.

Netflix hosts a file live Comedy Festival in more out of 35 places in Los Angeles, but these shows not yet available to stream live on its platform.

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