Consultant Psychologist: 4 factors behind Saudi Arabia’s victory over Argentina


Consultant Psychologist Dr. Howayda Al-Haj Hassan saw that 4 factors helped our national team achieve a historic and great victory against Argentina, namely:

– The stability of the mental state and the game without tension and anxiety, despite the sudden onset of a penalty, but the stability of the green players and their lack of frustration and their determination to play with strength and dignity contributed to the victory.

The high fighting spirit that the players of the national team enjoyed from the very beginning of the match. The language of understanding that prevailed in the atmosphere of the match between the players helped to present a worthy result. We also do not forget that goalkeeper Al Owais from goals he faced with high morale.

– Positive and correct implementation of the coaching plan, without any individual judgment, in addition to the high physical preparation of the national team players throughout the match.

With high confidence, strong will and boundless determination to catch up with the Argentina national team, which is one of the candidates for the world championship, this confidence gave positive incentives to the players of the national team to show the best results throughout the match.

Dr. Howayda pointed out that the players of the national team should take advantage of this victory to strengthen the psychological will and its continuity to achieve victories in the next matches. The start is promising and motivating to show the best level in the upcoming football matches. impossible and faced with all the difficulties.

Dr. Howayda noted the role of the Al Akhdar fans who were present in the stadium in very large numbers to support the team and this undoubtedly has great positive consequences for the team as everyone is looking forward to the positive results that will push Saudi Arabia team to the advanced qualifiers and advance to the cup stage.

The psychologist-consultant urged all the players of the national team to maintain their psychological and physical level so that they could please the Motherland and football fans and show maximum strength and effectiveness in the upcoming matches.

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