Cora Bora: Highly Anticipated Millennial Comedy Starring Megan Stalter Set for February 2024 Release

Millennial Comedy “Cora Bora” Set to Hit Theaters in February 2024

After its triumphant debut at South by Southwest last spring, the highly anticipated millennial comedy “Cora Bora” is finally set to hit theaters. Starring Megan Stalter in her leading role debut, this independent film is bound to captivate audiences with its charm and wit. “Cora Bora” has been acquired for North American distribution by Brainstorm Media, who has scheduled the film for a February 2024 release.

A Delightful Story of Love and Self-Discovery

Directed by Hannah Pearl Utt, known for her work in “Before You Know It,” and written by the talented Rhianon Jones, “Cora Bora” tells the story of Cora, played by the breakout star of “Hacks,” Megan Stalter. Cora, a struggling musician in Los Angeles, finds herself on the brink of losing her girlfriend. Desperate to turn her life around, she embarks on a journey back to her hometown of Portland, Oregon.

Excitement Surrounding Megan Stalter’s Leading Role

Hannah Pearl Utt, the film’s director, expressed her excitement about Stalter’s leading role, stating, “I’m thrilled for audiences to get to see Meg in a leading role and to fall for her character the way I have. I feel lucky to have such warm and collaborative partners in Brainstorm as we find our way into audiences’ hearts.” Utt’s endorsement of Stalter’s performance only adds to the anticipation surrounding the film.

Positive Reviews and Versatility of Megan Stalter

Since its premiere at South by Southwest earlier this year, “Cora Bora” has garnered positive reviews. Collider’s Emily Bernard praised Megan Stalter for portraying a character that exhibits more vulnerability and emotional complexity than her previous roles. This demonstrates her versatility as an actress and highlights her growth in the industry.

Megan Stalter’s Rising Star

Fans of Megan Stalter will be delighted to see her take on this lead role, following her scene-stealing performance in “Hacks.” They have witnessed her talent firsthand in projects like “Star Crossed: The Film” and “Sometimes I Think About Dying.” Unfortunately, her appearance in the film “Problemista” was delayed due to the SAG AFTRA strike, which pushed back its original release date in August. However, audiences can look forward to seeing her in upcoming films such as “First Time Female Director” and “Please Don’t Destroy: The Treasure of Foggy Mountain.”

A Star-Studded Cast

Just as Megan Stalter shines in “Cora Bora,” the film also boasts a star-studded cast. Jojo T. Gibbs takes on the role of Cora’s girlfriend Justine, with Ayden Mayeri portraying Justine’s new love interest, Riley. Chrissie Fit brilliantly plays Cora’s long-suffering manager, Cristina. Adding to the ensemble are acting talents like Manny Jacinto, Chelsea Peretti, Heather Morris, Margaret Cho, and Darrell Hammond. Their collective presence ensures that “Cora Bora” will offer a truly memorable cinematic experience.

An Enchanting Delve into the World of “Cora Bora”

The romantic comedy “Cora Bora” is set to release in theaters in February 2024. Audiences can expect a delightful and heartwarming story, filled with character development, amusing moments, and the exploration of love and self-discovery. As an independent film backed by Brainstorm Media’s distribution, “Cora Bora” is primed to make its mark in the movie industry and captivate a wide range of viewers. So get ready for an enchanting delve into the world of “Cora Bora,” where laughs and heartfelt moments await you.

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