CV of great Unveiling of Syed Saz Nechit Irtaş immortal legacy

CV on Presentation of the life of Turkish folk artist Nesit Ertaş on December 23, he reveals his flight in music as an actor of The last great Supporter of The species name “Abdulak” refers to groups that deal with music native to their hometown.

Highly anticipated movie “Garip Bülbül Neşet Ertaş” – Garip refers to a school of Literature – the audience will meet on December 23, life reveals of the master of folk songs and one of The most valuable treasures in Transmission of cultural values ​​and heritage of Nation future generations.

Ertaş was recognized by UNESCO as a living human treasure. The popular singer refused the title of State Artist, which was presented by the then President Suleyman Demirel. Although he only completed his education in In elementary school, Ertaş received an honorary doctorate from the Turkish State Conservatory of Music, Istanbul Technical University in 2011 for for him great managed of music.

The folk poet Ertaş is remembered fondly as “Bozkırın Tezenesi” (“Voice of Prairie”), on which the roots are based on Anatolian and Abdul tradition that extends back thousands of years, nourishes from its roots, and gathers human feelings of Love, respect, longing for justice, tolerance, equality, fraternity, joys and pains.

main artist songs were born out of the suffering he experienced. For this reasonHe managed to reach many people’s hearts through his global message with a unique Deep style and rhythms. mastery of the artist of a tool, unique lyrics And the fame spread even beyond borders of Turkey.

His legacy lives on today as the master of the saz who reached perfection with for him unique expression, timbre f powerful techniquewhich has not been deciphered to date.

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