Danish PM: We will allow volunteers to join an “international brigade” that Ukraine plans to form

Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen has announced that his country will allow volunteers to join an international brigade that Ukraine plans to set up to counter Russia, and that there are no “legal barriers” to this.

“This is an option for everyone,” he said at a press conference, “This is certainly true for all Ukrainians living here, and also for others who feel like they can directly participate.”

“According to our analysis, there is no legal barrier for anyone going to Ukraine to take part in the conflict, of course on the Ukrainian side,” he added.

And earlier on Sunday, the Prime Minister demonstrated with thousands of people outside the Russian embassy in Copenhagen against the Russian military operation in Ukraine.

On Sunday, the Ukrainian presidency announced the creation of an “international brigade” of foreign fighters to assist Kiev, urging volunteers to join it and go to Ukrainian embassies in their countries.

Source: AFP

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