Delusional TikTok Panics Spark Challenge in Italy


Italian organization protection consumers launch an investigation against TikTok. It concerns challenge said about the “French scar”. This case is very bad on the net. social Chinese face pinching to create red marks and “fictitious” scars. this is the last challenge dangerous that circulates in the network social TikTok with tutorials. This new nonsense did not escape the Italian organism protection consumers who have just announced the launch of an investigation and verification at the company’s headquarters in the country. In particular, Autorita’ Garante della Concorrenza e del Mercato (AGCM) accuses the chain of social The Chinese should not properly moderate content offered to Internet users. Therefore, it will not honor its own obligations to remove potentially harmful content.

TikTok defends itself

It should be clarified that this challenge TikTok says the “French Scar” is especially ugly. Italian authorities are reporting claims by dermatologists that the practice may even lead to marks that will remain over time. Dermatologist Marie Jourdan, quoted by Europe 1, explained last month: “To force for this there is a risk of bursting and expanding the small blood vessels that are currently in the skin. And instead of blushing for a few days, on will end with permanent redness. “Putin cause, TikTok replied via a spokesperson. His words are reported by TechCrunch. It states that the platform is moderated by 40,000 professionals: “We do not allow content that shows or promotes dangerous activities and issues, suicide, self-harm or unhealthy eating behavior. In this case, the service says that son the moderation team has restricted access to these videos and that “only users aged 18 or over will be able to view this type of content and this cannot be recommended. »

TikTok to be banned in the US soon?

In any case, this case is especially bad for TikTok, which is the subject of so much criticism in Europe and the United States. The idea of ​​completely banning the application is also being discussed very seriously on the side of Uncle Sam. In France, too, the network social The Chinese are at their peak. The Senate Commission of Inquiry was set up in March. In particular, this will make it possible to hear French and European officials from TikTok, as well as representatives of interested ministries. The idea again is to shed light on the practice of the company in terms of protection data, content moderation and political interference. There is no doubt that the French parliamentarians will closely follow the investigation launched in Italy, which may shed light on their lantern. Finally, note that TikTok announced in early March that it was improving its Screen Time management tools. The Chinese company wants to respond to critics pointing to son exciting side. If you are interested in the topic, you can always read our article here.

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