Edward Norton teases Elon Musk in “The Glass Onion” on Netflix

Elon Musk is called by many names: the world’s richest man tech pole social media pole.

In addition to these, he is now also inspiration for Netflix new whodunnit “Onion Glass: A Knives-Knives Mystery?”

In the moviea detective Played by Daniel Craig, he investigates A.J murder on The private Greek island of tech Billionaire Miles Brown.

Bron, played by Edward Norton, is a daring businessman and self-proclaimed genius who she has made Multiple fortunes with different companies. He is pleased in confuse those around him with for him latest whims and mysteries.

Since spelling obscurity first Premiered at the Toronto Film Festival in September, critics I notice similarities with musk, who SpaceX Foundations, runs Recently bought Tesla and Twitter.

Vanity Fair said the film was “wacky, and in times Dangerous, messianic of The tech Industry, describing Miles as a “blend” of Musk and Steve Jobs.

Meanwhile, Mashable noted that the film is “nothing too scathing and silly to send-up of Elon Musk.

“If you think the shoe fit, they probably were in Our conversation,” Norton teased at a press conference in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

“but me also I think Miles is cute of like Carly Simon song “You’re so vain, you might think song is about you” added.

“I think a lot of (tech Billionaires) think it’s about them. that’s good! “

clerk-director Rian Johnson (Star Wars: The Last Jedi) said the character just wasn’t up to it on just one real-personal life. He told reporters, “He took urine out of any specific person just It wasn’t all that interesting.”

But he said that movie It was about “our relationship as a society to these Willy Wonkas.” characters who we, on one palm, want to me throw Elephant poop in, however on On the other hand… you have some weird childishness wish They are going to set up a chocolate factory and solve All we have problems. “

musk recently drawn widespread criticism over his troubled purchase A controversial renewal of Twitter.

Glass Onion, the sequel to 2019’s Knives Out — loosely based on Agatha Christie novels — will be first Netflix movie to play in Major American theater chains for a one-week runas streamer experiments with new Sources of income.

Come out in theatres on November 23 and it will be available on They flow after a month.

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