Electricity and Natural Gas Debts Cleared in Turkey’s Earthquake Zone


Unpaid electricity and natural gas bills for Residences and workplaces that were destroyedseverely or moderately damaged, or will be demolished in 11 provinces were affected by the recent earthquakes that hit Kahramanmaraş in The State Department said in a statement on Thursday that the Turkish will be waved off.

related statement of Ministry of Energy and natural resources on Procedures and principles related to cancellation of Energy costs in the country of The state of emergency has been declared in Official Gazette on Thursday and immediately entered force.

Accordingly, bills due but not paid for dates up Until February 6, 2023, for Electricity and natural gas subscribers whose homes were damaged qualify within range of the state of The emergency declared by a republican decision, consumption quantities for period from last Read until February 6, unpaid bills of these subscribers for Previous periods, if any, and consumption amounts for the period prior to privatization of Türkiye Elektrik Dağıtım A..

Electricity and natural gas consumption made illegally it will be excluded from the scope of Statement.

The relevant companies will determine which buildings will be included in Domain of Exemption from the bill in Line with damage condition information Obtained from the relevant units of Ministry of Environment, urbanization and climate change in relation to housing and workplaces, and from related units of Ministry of Culture and tourism in relation to registered buildings.

As per the specific guidelines, invoices dated before February 6th but paid after February 6th will not be compensated, no claim can be compensated made for these bills.

more than 52,000 people While hundreds were killed in the 11 provinces hit by the February 6 earthquake, while hundreds were killed of thousands more were injured and millions He was left homeless.

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