EU saw how Greek Prime Minister threatens rule of Law, main opposition says

The European Union has realized how The dangerous Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis on rule of Law, in face of The scandal of continuous surveillance of the country main opposition party Monday said.

Quoted from a letter sent by the European Parliament special A committee against Unlawful Surveillance (PEGA) of the Europol Cluster Police Agency, Nassos Eliopoulos, spokesperson of The opposition said SYRIZA-PS in Video statement that the message once again shows Athena’s reluctance to explain illegal wiretapping. scandal.

“We are only at the beginning of Revelation and (Prime Minister Kyriakos) Mitsotakis should know The eavesdropping scandal is not over,” He said.

“Of course, he does everything to cover her up By insulting procedures (legal and institutional) and violating laws,” Eleubulos said, but added That these efforts will fail.

phone wiretapping scandal

In August, Mitsotakis admitted that the opposition PASOK party Chief Nikos Andrulakis was wiretapped by the Greek intelligence agency but denied knowing him of the operation.

The scandal arose when the intelligence agency EYP head Panagiotis Kontollion, who He later resigned, telling a parliamentary committee that his agency was spying on a financial journalist.

A parliamentary investigation was launched after Androlakis complained to the top prosecutors About trying to hack his cell phone using predator software.

Opposition parties blame Mitsotakis for The scandal and they called for for him government To hold early elections, which he rejects.

The European Commission and the European Parliament are closely monitoring developments related to the scandal.

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