Fave App Secures $2M in Ongoing Funding Round: Connecting Fans, Unlocking Perks, and Supporting Artists


Fave App Secures $2M in Ongoing Funding Round

Fave, the app for superfans to connect with like-minded music lovers and obsess over their favorite artists, has secured $2 million in an ongoing funding round. The round is expected to surpass $6 million and is backed by major industry players including Warner Music and Sony Music, as well as returning investors such as the Female Founders Fund.

Connecting Fans and Sharing Devotion

Fave has gathered over 50,000 devoted fans from various artist communities, allowing them to congregate and share their dedication. Users can post concert clips, fan-made art, and stories about their craziest fan experiences.

Ranking Fans and Unlocking Perks

The app features a “Fan Verification” feature that ranks fans based on their status: Fan, Verified Fan, and Verified Superfan. Users earn points for activities such as streaming, attending concerts/events, meeting their favorite artist, and even getting tattoos. As fans rise in rankings, they unlock perks and experiences provided by artists and brand partners, including exclusive events and early access to content.

Earning Revenue and Supporting Artists

Fans also have the opportunity to earn revenue through the app. Fave’s marketplace allows users to resell concert tickets and promote their Etsy shops featuring handcrafted merchandise. The company takes a small transaction fee, which varies between 0% and 2.4%, while artists have the option to earn 10% from fans’ sales.

Detailed Data and Direct Communication for Artists

Besides connecting fans, Fave also provides detailed data about fandoms to artists and their teams. The app utilizes generative AI tools and predictive fan intelligence to offer insights and suggestions for improving an artist’s strategy. Artist teams can also directly contact fans, avoiding algorithm limitations on other platforms.

Expansion Beyond Music Fandoms

Fave plans to broaden its reach beyond music fandoms by tapping into other entertainment markets such as movie/TV stars and content creators. Additionally, the company has ambitions to explore sports teams and partner with fashion brands in the future.

New Investors and Future Launch

In addition to major industry players, Fave’s newest funding round welcomed investors including music industry veteran Lyor Cohen and former Spotify VP Shiva Rajaraman. The company plans to officially launch at the end of 2023, using the current funding to enhance its tools and develop additional features.

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