Fenerbahçe Women’s Football Team Makes History with First Championship Win


With the growing popularity of women’s footballheavy hitters of Turkish language football In the foreground and set up their teams.

Istanbul giants Fenerbahce and Galatasaray revived them women’s football teams in 2021 and she was competing for address since then. like competition unfold, chase for Condenses the desired address. Finally, Fenerbahçe finds itself on abyss of glory, moving closer than ever to claiming the coveted title.

On Friday, Fenerbahçe women’s football team will face Fumgate Sports Club in the capital, Ankara in Turkish Women’s Football League final match.

with possible Headline looming, Fenerbahçe Women’s Sports Performance Performance Coach Samet Kösemen gave an exclusive interview to Daily Sabah regarding its team’s goals and management.

said about team’s foundation.

“Firstly of All of us, as coaches, have gone through a very serious interview process. Fenerbahçe’s corporate identity and appreciation of our President Ali Koç of It was the women’s soccer branch one of the most important points This is excited us in the beginning of the operation.”

“We were reviewing player pool in Türkiye and Europe, we have been watching the average of 40 players every day ” performance coach addedassuring that they have nothing players on the roster When they started to form the team.

cosimen also It emphasized the mathematical difficulties of mathematics face. “despite of women’s football he have developedespecially in Türkiye in In recent years, unfortunately, women football players They had share of These parameters due to lack of training informationa little coach Insufficient quality and facilities. since first Today, we started dutyWe have provided training for our athletes with We have technical and administrative teams in Every field you can think of of,” He said.

Our goal is championship”

the coach also Referred to the exhibition of December 7, 2021 match against Galatasaray, organized to raise awareness on violence against women.

“We’re ready for this match for Month. this match will be the first Fenerbahçe – Galatasaray women’s football my path in history Since it was the Galatasaray women’s soccer team also It was newly created, and therefore it was important match for communities,” referring to game which is over in 7-0 win for Yellow Canary Islands.

cosimen also He said that Fenerbahçe narrowly lost last year’s championship. “We entered the play-off stage by finishing in Group A as the 2021-22 Women’s Premier League leaders. But, unfortunately, we narrowly missed out.” final Although we made to semifinals during the playoff process.” added.

“We were dumbfounded, but the Hulk is us built From scratch a successful outlook in that it first year. this year However, that is our goal championship. “

Regarding the technique side of football in generalKösemen shed light on one of fundamental differences between men’sand women’s football – muscle focus f power. “particularly, women She has it genetically higher body fat percentage of men due to physiological dominance of Estrogen. the fact that women It has less testosterone men Can cause Lean is low muscle High mass and fat ratios.”

“we, in Fenerbahçe women’s football team, take very professional measures,” Kösemen addedreferring to the extensive training procedures.

“in the beginning of Season, we measure fat and muscle Mass of the players in everyone team. Then we design nutrition program for Our athletes with High in fat as recommended of Nutritionist, training program by athlete performance trainer,” He said.

“I think what really matters is whether the athlete cares about it private And social life too coach added stressing to athletes should Stick to their diet and training programs Around the clock,” Kosmen said.

On the other hand, it is also Emphasize that when it comes to b distance covered for each matchnothing big the difference between men And women. “On average, a footballer has a length of 11-12 kilometers per player match And female soccer players cover pretty much the same distance,” He said.

“K performance coachit will be from wrong for I agree women’s football Not enough of an athlete performance side,” Kösemen added.

“It always will be wrong to reduce football to a single parameter.

the coach also indicated importance of pace in football. “What makes watching the Premier League so much fun is pace,” He said.

tactical approach of Fenerbahçe

cosimen also Dive into detail about Fenerbahçe’s tactical approach. “We have a high, fast endurance player group breaks the resistance of the opponentespecially against teams that play Defensively,” referring to the strategies used against defensive-cleanliness teams.

“except you set Rhythm, you gotta keep it up up with for you opponent’s pace. So are you should always be team that dominate matchthe opponent,” He said.

cosimen also Confirmed that the classic profiles in men’s footballsuch as 4-4-2, 4-2-3-1 and 3-5-2, are also Widely used in women’s football. “We go on pitch taking into account opponent’s lineup And use a lineup Accordingly, he said.

“we also hire three or four defenders, again By opponent’s profile, “Kösemen addedadding that Fenerbahçe usually has one song forward on dirty.

the coach also They said they don’t have a predetermined starting 11. “If a footballer is deemed worthy of playing in Fenerbahce, then she should He always has the potential to be in 11 start,” he said.

“We don’t have the mentality to define a ‘perfect starting 11’ and use Same formation all the time “Kösemen added.

the coach also mentioned that footballthat it tactics And their strategies are evolving. “If you are want to succeed in accident footballYou have to use the talk tactics”, adding that the areas of the stadium are correct use Absolutely necessary.

cosimen also pointed to women’s football’s challenges And for him great Possible.

while identifying defects of womenIt is necessary to assess the psychological, physiological, facilities, social and economic aspects of teams’s needs.

“When we evaluate the psychological aspect, mood swings can be seen more often due to hormones changes in women’s menstrual period especially in teams that does not contain a file sports Psychology and do not receive professionals support Regarding this, “Kösemen added.

“One of more common Injuries especially in feminine football players is the anterior cruciate ligament injuryThis is due to the knee angle Q and its retraction of estrogen,” he said.

“in terms of Although there are many facilities women’s teams They do not have their own facilities and fields, competitions can be played in bad Earth conditions and this causes Many injuries, ”Kosemen warned. “Fenerbahçe has all the professional facilities women’s team should Yours, in particular in terms of Facilities, accommodation and field.”

the coach also Referred to the wage gap between men And women in football.

“When we evaluate socio-economically, when we compare annual wages of feminine football player with annual wage of male football players”Unfortunately there are gaps,” he said.

the coach also He said that Italy has transformed women’s football To the professional status and successes of the US women’s national soccer team made Waves around the world, bring women’s football In the foreground in media, adding that the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup will be important event for women’s football.

“thanks for the competitions Organized by FIFA and UEFA, women Can now speak louder in football”, In reference to football’s international and European governing bodies.

cosimen also confirmed it women’s football He has excellent potential in Türkiye. Share of big teams in women’s footballthe events Organized by the Turkish Football Federation and civil society initiatives all contribute to development of women’s football in He said.

“In the near future, and people To ask themselves whether menor women’s football He is more enjoy watching. “

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