For safety: The father sends children across the Ukrainian border with foreigner

A Ukrainian father was forced to entrust his two young children has a complete stranger to help they cross the border safety and meet their mother who came from Italy.

The border guards would not let the father pass as Ukraine banned all Ukrainians men between the ages of 18 and 60 to leave, so they can fight for their country.

“Their father simply handed over over the two children to me, and trusted me, giving me their passports to bring them over,” 58-year-old Nataliya Ableyeva said, with arms of the young boy she had known for just some hours around son neck.

the childrenest ukrainian mother has been on son way from Italy to meet them and take them to safetyla father noted. He gave Ableyeva the motherthat is mobile number, and said goodbye to son childrenwrapped up in thick jackets and hats.

Ableyeva had left his own two adults-up children behind in Ukraine. A policeman official and the other a nurse, neither could leave Ukraine under the mobilization decree.

She took both small children over there main and together they crossed the border. About Hungarian side in Beregsurany they waited, sat on a bench near a tent set up for the steady flow of refugees streaming over the border. The little boy was crying when son mobile The phone rang. It was son mother and she was almost at the border post.

When 33-year-Old Anna Semyuk arrived, her blonde hair scorched back in a queue horse, she hugged her son and went to her daughter lying exhausted in the back of a car and wrapped in a pink blanket. She thanked Ableyeva.

Upright in cold on the brushy ground, two women kissed for several minutes and started crying. “All I can tell my children now is that everything will be fine,” Semyuk said. “In one or two weeks, we will go home.”

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