Galatasaray Requests Clarification on Statement from MHK Orta Head


Turkish Süper Lig giants Galatasaray have taken a stand against Controversial recent statements made By Lale Orta, President of Central Arbitration Board of the Turkish Football Federation (MHK).

In response to Orta’s claim that the allegations of Announcer commentators were pressed falsethe club He stated that: “At this point, the statement made by the President of the Republic of The Central Arbitration Board of the Turkish Football Association (MHK), Lale Orta, constitutes a genuine admission, confirming the allegations that have been published. in the press. He blatantly ignored the principle of I pledged neutrality mission of manipulation public perceptions.”

Moreover, Galatasaray demanded clarification on Attitude allegations in Kasimpasha match During the 25th week of the Super Lig.

The club’s statement read: “We find it difficult to understand the intent behind this movethat more Scandalous errors of any judgment made So far, which directly intervene with scales of justice. “

Statement also named for Orta to explain allegations that he sought to engage other broadcasters after match he wondered how Somebody with Such claims can be the president of vital board Charged with a guarantee justice.

In addition, the Galatasaray club urged the Turkish Football Federation (TFF) to investigate whether there were referees in Interfered in the VAR room with during the recent period match against Konyaspor.

According to the club: “During Konyaspor match we played last Our (Friday) night player Leo Dubois was subjected to an undisputed red card, which the referee with a yellow card inexplicably refused, and add So, Kony Spur himself player not given a second yellow card in Subsequent minutes of the match. Hence, it is necessary to scrutinize the speeches thoroughly made by our federation, including the referees, and explain if there was any interference with Video Assistant Referee. We expect the Turkish Football Federation to carefully assess these issues and take action ensure justicewhich is the most important duty on On this journey, we stick to our motto “No for a clubf justice for everyone!”

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