German official: Possible sanctions against Russia will affect the global economy and international system in the long run


Rolf Mutsenich, head of the German Social Democratic Party faction in the Bundestag, warned that possible sanctions against Russia would affect the entire global economy and international system in the long run.

In an interview with the media group “Funke”, published today, Myotsenich confirmed that his country is exploring the possibility of using all formulas (for sanctions), including the “Russian gas pipeline “North Stream-2″. In the long run, not only Russia, but the world economy and It will also affect the international system and we should not be deceived. net There will be an answer,” he said.

The politician expressed his concern about the possibility of the current crisis affecting gas supply “through gas pipelines that are already in operation and from which gas and oil come from Russia.”

And he checked: “We have relatively empty gas storage facilities, so we must do everything to prevent this mysterious situation from escalating any further.”

Myotsenykh expressed doubts about the existence of a real alternative to Russian gas supplies. We need to move away from double morality. Some countries that can supply energy to Europe instead of Russia are in one way or another violating the norms of international law.”

Source: TASS

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