Instagram Testing New Feed Feature for Meta Verified Users: What You Need to Know


Instagram Testing New Feed Feature for Meta Verified Users

Instagram is currently testing a new feed feature that will only show posts from Meta Verified and legacy verified users. This update was announced by Instagram head Adam Mosseri, who stated that the toggle for this feature will be available under the “Following” and “Favorites” options when clicking on the Instagram logo in the app.

Exploring Exclusive Feeds for Meta Verified Users

Mosseri explained that they are exploring this new control option as a way for people to explore their Instagram feed and reels exclusively featuring content from Meta Verified accounts. Additionally, it aims to help businesses and creators gain more exposure and discoverability.

Previous Denials and Recent Confirmation

This official announcement comes after Instagram denied testing such a feature two months ago. At that time, reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi discovered code in both the iOS and Android apps indicating the presence of a new feed filter designed specifically for displaying Meta Verified subscribers.

Promoting Meta Verified Subscriptions

It is likely that Instagram sees this new feed feature as an opportunity to promote Meta Verified subscriptions and encourage more users to sign up. By doing so, users can take advantage of benefits like a blue checkmark, enhanced customer support, increased visibility and reach in search and comments, exclusive stickers, and more. The subscription costs $11.99 per month on the web and $14.99 per month on mobile.

Inspired by Elon Musk’s Strategies

Meta’s approach with the new Verified-only feed appears to draw inspiration from Elon Musk’s strategies. Following Musk’s acquisition of Twitter (now known as X), the social network launched paid verification through its X Premium subscription service for $8 per month. This subscription offers various features, including a Verified tab in users’ Notifications, an edit button, longer post capabilities, and more.

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