Iraqi Al-Nujaba Movement Decries Desecration of Holy Quran by Ukrainian Soldiers


The Iraqi Islamic resistance movement Harakat al-Nujaba condemned the burning of the Holy Quran by Ukrainian soldiers and called on the Iraqi government to “take a firm stand against what was committed against the Book of God.”

In a statement, the movement stated that “Muslims around the world have watched with regret and anger the violation of the sanctity of the Holy Quran by Ukrainian soldiers, believing that their behavior reflects a sick psychology that does not appreciate feelings, shrines and shrines. others who are more precious than life and money.”

The statement added that such behavior by Ukrainian soldiers is nothing more than a clear expression of the disgusting culture that the American Zionist puppet is spreading among Ukrainians, “referring to Zelensky and his associates”, in order to get closer to the enemies of Islam. and humanity to ensure their support.

The movement confirmed that Zelenskiy and his aides are accountable to the Muslims of the world for their nefarious actions and nefarious methods.

The movement called on all Muslims of the world to take a responsible position, defending the Book of God, and reconsider their attitudes and positions towards the Ukrainian government.

Source: RT

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