Is LinkedIn Taking the Place of Twitter?


Several reviewers highlight LinkedIn’s potential as a network social generalist It could give the platform ideas She didn’t point out a potential change in strategy What if LinkedIn became a network social full-fledged, where not everything revolves around work? This idea is advocated by Guy Kawasaki, an Internet marketing specialist, according to which the platform has a huge potential for launch. In an interview with our Fast Company colleagues, the expert highlights the strengths of LinkedIn. In service 800 millions users, which gives it a huge advantage face alternatives to Twitter: Mastodon, Post… But above all in the register of behavior son more grand advantage. Obviously, although you mention your real name and the name of your employer, “you probably don’t intend to support pro-Nazi, QAnon, or supremacist theories. This is a significant contribution that can reassure advertisers. And the specialist adds: “When I say that I think LinkedIn could be the next Twitter, I don’t mean negative conspiracy theories and all that. I mean twitter in a positive way where is it force useful and valuable communication, socialization, community groups”.

LinkedIn has something to lose

He is not the only one who defends this idea. In an article published late last year, Morgan Meeker, a Wired journalist, explained how to use LinkedIn as a network. social a la Twitter. According to her, the main problem of the platform is son painting. In particular, these long publications come to mind, in which pseudo-experts teach life lessons at work to their followers, which infuriates not one. However, she believes that the network social on the contrary, it can become a cocoon for all the nostalgic for Facebook and the Internet in the 2010s, a time when video was still small, and text and images reigned supreme. These arguments are pretty compelling, but I’m not sure it’s enough to push LinkedIn to change strategy. The platform hasn’t given any guidance in that direction, and it’s true that Twitter’s current difficulties don’t necessarily encourage such an adventure. However, the beginning of change may come from organizations on the service, and there’s nothing stopping those who broadcast live on Twitter from doing the same on LinkedIn.

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