Israel is building a new 45-kilometer separation wall in the northern West Bank.


Israeli forces have begun placing concrete blocks along a security wall west of the city of Kaffin, north of Tulkarm, in the northern West Bank, to separate thousands of agricultural dunums owned by Palestinian citizens from nearby villages. This section extends from the village of Salem to the city of Tulkarm for 45 kilometers, and this section of the wall includes fortifications and radio equipment.

Farmer Muhammad Saeed told Sputnik: “Farmers will be denied only 5,000 dunams of the city of Caffin, in addition to tens of thousands of dunams of neighboring villages. We will not be allowed to enter this wall, because there is an intention to persecute us and take our agricultural land from us.”

This section will replace another section of the separation wall that was built about twenty years ago. In the past, citizens had access to their agricultural land for a certain period of time and on an annual basis. “These are Palestinian lands, and since the construction of the wall, we will not be able to come under the pretexts of security and our lands will be taken away under these far-fetched pretexts. They implemented the fence and said the security fence, and today they are building a concrete wall for the same reason, and the loser will be the Palestinian who will lose his land which he cultivates.

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