Israel undertakes punitive measures after a synagogue attack


Israeli police on Sunday sealed up East Jerusalem home of Palestinian who Seven killed people Three wounded outside synagogue.

the move comes shaped one of Several punitive measures to revoke some rights of The attackers’ relatives, with the approval of Benjamin Netanyahu’s government, were killed overnight.

Security locker announced A large number of steps Late Saturday, including cancellation rights social Safety of “Families of that terrorists support terrorism.”

He. She also announced that home of 21-year- Khairy Alqam, who was shot dead by the police after Friday attackIt will be closed immediately of demolish it.”

An AFP reporter saw the Israeli forces on Sunday on Porch of the building After they closed their entrances, with Palestinian clearing out belongings.

Israel already demolish homes of Palestinians who kill Israelis, although the process requires advance notice to families and chance to resume decision.

Danny Shenhar head of Legal Section in Israeli Rights group Hamoked said the seal home Overnight the government showed will of revenge against families.”

Measure done in complete ignorance for the rule of Law,” he said, and HaMoked plans to protest in front of the lawyer general.

More guns for civilians

The Israeli cabinet said it would be there also Sunday discussion over A bill to withdraw the Israeli identity cards from relatives of attackers.

measurements announced We are in Line with Proposals from Netanyahu’s far-right political associates enabled him to return to it power .in the end of Dec.

It is likely to apply primarily to the Palestinians with Israeli citizenship, known as Israeli Arabs, and Palestinians with Residence permits in East Jerusalem.

hours later deadly shooting outside synagogue in settlement of Neve Yaakov 13-yearA 2-year-old Palestinian boy shot and wounded two Israelis just outside The old walled city of East Jerusalem.

L boy for the attack in Silwan neighborhood was hit by bullets at the scene.

number group claimed responsibility for As for of shooting.

Security locker also I decided to do so easier To obtain permits to carry firearms.

“When civilians have weapons, they can defend themselves,” right-wing National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir told reporters. outside Jerusalem Hospital on Saturday.

Israeli forces were drawn up on High alert, the army has announced It will boost troop numbers in West bank while calls for The restraint from the outside has doubled.

The Jerusalem attacks came after the killing of nine Palestinians in The most violent raid launched by the Israeli forces in Western Bank in Almost two decades.

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