Johnson: We took the first step to exclude Russia from the global financial system


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the decision to separate some Russian banks from the international SWIFT system is the first step towards the complete exclusion of Russia from the global financial system.

“Tonight, together with our international partners, we have taken decisive action to remove Russia from the global financial system, including the first major step towards separating Russian banks from SWIFT,” he wrote on Twitter.

Russian President Vladimir Putinin “We will continue to work together to ensure that aggression against Ukraine pays the price.”

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen explained that “The European Union, USA, UK and Canada are in the process of disconnecting some Russian banks from the SWIFT system and freezing their assets”.

Earlier, German government spokesman Stephen Hepstreet said: “Germany, the UK, Italy, Canada, the US, France and the European Commission have agreed on new tough financial sanctions against Russia, including the departure of some Russian banks from the SWIFT system.

“It has been decided to leave all Russian banks sanctioned by the international community and, if necessary, to separate other Russian banks from SWIFT,” he said.

“Western partners have decided to limit the ability of the Central Bank of Russia to support the ruble exchange rate through international financial transactions,” he said.

Source: “TASS”

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