Kosovo and Serbia reach an agreement to terminate car Dispute over plates: EU Borrell

Kosovo and Serbia reached an 11-hour deal on Wed to end nearly twoyear of contention over car license plates in Northern Kosovo, who warned the West that it could trigger External ethnic violence in the European Union policy Chief said.

We have a deal, Josep Borrell posted on Twitter after reaching the agreement in Brussels under the mediation of the European Union.

Kosovo recently decided to postpone the dispute decision to me resolve Class over Scheme for replacing the SRT number plates.

Kosovo prime minister On Tuesday, Albin Kurti said he had postponed the plan for tow days.

The row erupted after Kosovo said the country’s Serbs would be punished if they did not exchange vehicle License plates issued by Serbia for Registration numbers issued by Pristina.

primary source of Tension is the 2008 Kosovo Declaration of independence from Serbia. The latter does not recognize move He encouraged the Serb minority in Kosovo to do so remain Pro-Belgrade.

The delay helped calm tensions in Northern Kosovo, a day after EU-brokered negotiations between Belgrade and Pristina over explosive scheme failed to produce results.

The dispute has set off alarm bells in The European Union, which seeks to normalize relations between Serbia and Kosovo and wants both to refrain from provocative overtures.

In the latest development This month, Serbs in Northern Kosovo resigned from public institutions in Protest over chart.

Of Kosovo’s 120,000 strong minority, about 10,000 are exported from Serbia. car recordings.

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