Kuwait’s 2020 Parliament Validity Dispute Dismissed by Constitutional Court


Yesterday, Kuwait’s Constitutional Court announced that it had dismissed an appeal to set aside its previous ruling, issued in March, which invalidated the parliamentary elections held last September and the return of the former National Assembly (Parliament) elected in 2020. In this regard, the chairman of the court, Fouad al-Zuwaid, said: “I ruled that the court dismissed the appeal” filed by former MPs elected in 2022 and citizens demanding the annulment of the March 19 court decision.

On May 1, the 2020 parliament, restored by the Constitutional Court, was dissolved by decree of the emir and the people returned to elect their representatives again. After that, the crown prince, who assumes most of the powers of the prince, issued another decree calling for parliamentary elections on June 6.

After a raging political crisis, Crown Prince Sheikh Mishal al-Ahmad al-Sabah last year ordered the dissolution of parliament and early elections in an attempt to break the political stalemate over a clash between the government and the National Assembly, but the election ended with most opposition MPs.

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