Kyiv Under Siege: Eighth Russian Attack in One Month Amidst Marches and Hikes


After Kiev was woken up by the sounds of explosions today, Tuesday, the military in the Ukrainian capital explained that it had come under massive attack from Russia, head of the Kiev military administration Serhiy Popko said in a statement published on Telegram. Statement that Russia launched a massive air strike on Kyiv early in the morning. This morning.

He also added that Russian forces used drones, cruise missiles and possibly ballistic missiles in the eighth raid this month (May).

He also stressed that the raid was exceptional in its intensity, as the maximum number of offensive missiles were dropped in the shortest possible time.

He explained: “According to preliminary information, the vast majority of missiles and drones have been destroyed.”

Mayor Vitali Klitschko, in turn, today confirmed that the explosions occurred in Kyiv and the Solomensky district.

Notably, after a week-long hiatus, Russia resumed long-range missile strikes at the end of April. And in recent days, a wave of airstrikes has been launched, which are often aimed at the capital.

While Ukrainian forces were preparing for a counterattack that was expected weeks ago, before Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky returned and clarified that the aforementioned attack had been slightly delayed despite military preparations to avoid heavy loss of life.

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