Migratory birds are harmed by humans in Turkey


fate of three birds who I stopped over in Turkey highlights The dangers posed by humans to migratory species. in Antalya, first the target place for Migratory birds coming from Africa birds of They were different species found Fire, mutilation and poisoning by bird watchers.

Migration season has just started for in thousands of the birds who head From the Southern Hemisphere to north. Bird watchers and track scientists down the birds for preserved and ensure Their health is not affected on the way to north.

Dunlin, go through a winter in Africa, was among the unfortunate birds found on the beach of Manavgat district in Antalya recently. Tamer Yilmaz, a bird watcher, came across small bird with Special black stomach on the beach. “She was losing her leg. Probably because of of being tangled in a net or fishing line. She was not injured new She seemed used to it, he said.

at the same areaWestern swamp kitten, bird of prey found Unconscious in area of reeds; Gökçe Coşkun, a veterinarian, noted that the bird had a strange coloration around its beak and an unpleasant odor. The bird was taken to the rehabilitation center for Migratory birds are suspected of poisoning. Kochkun said he may have eaten a rat or other contaminated animal with Pesticides.

The last victim of ‘Humans’ were a Eurasian hoopoe, which was so found with gunshot wound kochkon, who took Flying to the clinic for The treatment, she said, was destroyed by “pure evil.” of The people who They shot the bird. “This is a sacred bird for Muslim believers and those associated with them with Prophet Solomon (Solomon). The Prophet Muhammad forbade her slaughter. However, there is people who They seem unhappy with their sight and shoot them down, she said.

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