Nancy Pelosi Denies Promising Support to Kevin McCarthy as House Speaker: GOP Lawmakers React


Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Denies Promise to Support Kevin McCarthy

During a recent interview with FOX 11 Los Angeles anchor Elex Michaelson, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat from California, refuted claims that she had promised to support Representative Kevin McCarthy, a fellow Californian Republican, when he was facing removal as speaker. Pelosi firmly stated that she had never made such a promise to McCarthy and that the decision to remove him was made by Democratic members of the House.

McCarthy’s Ouster and Pelosi’s Defense

Kevin McCarthy lost his position as speaker after a group of Republican hardliners led by Representative Matt Gaetz forced a vote to remove him from the chair. Ultimately, eight Republicans joined forces with the Democrats to oust McCarthy. In a press conference following the vote, McCarthy blamed Democrats for his removal, arguing that they should have voted against the motion for the sake of institutional reasons. However, Pelosi justified the decision, pointing to McCarthy’s support for former President Donald Trump after the January 6th Capitol riot and the Republican-led impeachment inquiry into President Biden. Pelosi asserted that if respect for the institution was absent, it was unreasonable to expect support from Democrats.

McCarthy’s Future and Pelosi’s Office Eviction

Since his removal, McCarthy announced that he will not run for speaker again. Despite rumors of his resignation from Congress, McCarthy clarified that he intends to continue his work. Speaker Pro Tempore Patrick McHenry, a Republican from North Carolina, has assumed the role temporarily until a permanent replacement is voted on next week. In a somewhat controversial move, McHenry evicted Pelosi from her private Capitol office. While some viewed this as retaliation for McCarthy’s removal, others defended it as a necessary step dictated by the rules of the House.

Understanding Patrick McHenry, Speaker Pro Tempore

Patrick McHenry, the current Speaker Pro Tempore, has taken on the temporary role following McCarthy’s ouster. It remains to be seen who will be chosen as the permanent replacement. Despite claims that Pelosi’s eviction was a result of her own decision to remove McCarthy, House Freedom Caucus chairman Scott Perry clarified that the eviction was not an act of revenge but rather a procedural requirement.

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