Part of Putin’s nuclear alert order of model of made-up threats: United States


White House Press secretary Jen Psaki said on Sunday that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s order to put nuclear forces on high alert is part of of “a pattern of Moscow is fabricating threats to justify aggression.”

“We’ve seen it done time and time again again. At no time was Russia threatened by NATO, Russia was never threatened by Ukraine,” Psaki said. on ABC’s “This Week” program.

“All of this is a model of President Putin and we will stand up to her. We have the ability to defend ourselves, but we also need for call out what we see here from President Putin”, PSAKI added.

The United States stands ready to provide additional assistance to Ukraine, Psaki said. Washington also has not taken any sanctions targeting the Russian energy sector off the table, psaki added.

“We didn’t take these offbut we also want do that and do sure we minimize the impact on the global market and do it in a united way”Psaki said.

In a dramatic escalation of East-West tensions over Russia invasion of Ukraine, Putin ordered the implementation place Russian nuclear forces on maximum alert sunday in response to what he called “aggressive statements” leading NATO powers.

The order means that Putin ordered the preparation of Russian nuclear weapons for increased launch readiness, increasing the menace that tensions could boil over in nuclear war. By giving it, the Russian leader also cited hard-hit financial sanctions imposed by the West against Russia, including Putin himself.

Speaking in a meeting with his top officials, Putin ruled Russia defense minister and the boss of the militarythe general staff to put the forces of nuclear deterrence in a “special diet of combat duty.”

The alarming step came like street fighting broke out out in Ukraine second-most grand city and Russian troops squeezed strategic ports in the south of the country, progress which seemed to mark a new phase of Russia invasion following a vague of attacks on airfields and fuel facilities elsewhere in the country.

The United States Ambassador to the United Nations responded to the news of Moscow during son appearance on a Sunday news program.

“President Putin continues to escalate this war in in a totally unacceptable way,” said Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield. “And we must continue to condemn his actions in the strongest, the strongest possible way.”

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said on Sunday that Ukraine would not surrender to Russia. invasion of the country as he accused Putin of seeking to increase the “pressure” by ordering its nuclear forces on high alert.

“We will not surrender, we will not capitulate, we will not give up one thumb of our territory,” Kuleba said during a news conference broadcast online.

kuleba also said that Russia had abandoned its preconditions for speak after suffering military setback, adding that Ukraine would attend the talks to hear what Russia had to say.

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