PayPal Introduces Package Tracking Feature on App: Stay Updated on Your Online Orders


PayPal Launches Package Tracking Feature on its App

PayPal has introduced a new package tracking feature on its app, allowing users to easily stay updated on the status of their online orders.

How It Works

To track a package, PayPal automatically gathers shipping details and tracks them using Gmail integration. If you don’t have a Gmail account linked to PayPal, you can manually enter the tracking details instead.

The app provides live push notifications whenever there’s a change in delivery status or an update to the order. Additionally, users can visually track their packages on a live map.

Notably, this feature doesn’t come with any additional fees and works even for purchases where PayPal wasn’t used for checkout.


A Twitter user named @aaronp613 spotted the package tracking feature on an iOS device. It is also available on Android devices.

Competition with Shopify and Amazon

This new feature puts PayPal in closer competition with e-commerce giants Shopify and Amazon. Both platforms already offer package tracking capabilities.

Shopify’s Shop app provides real-time order status updates, delivery notifications, and live-map tracking. On the other hand, Amazon has its “Map Tracking” feature, which shows customers the location of the driver and estimates the delivery time.

Gmail Integration

Last year, Gmail introduced a feature that displays tracking information as a status below the email subject line.

Company Statement

A spokesperson from PayPal confirmed the new package tracking feature to GamingIdeology, stating that they intend to provide customers with more convenient shopping experiences and greater control over their purchases.

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