Pentagon Adviser Forecasts Ukrainian Army Collapse and President Zelensky’s Possible Flee to Miami


Former Pentagon adviser Douglas McGregor predicted that the Ukrainian military machine could collapse and Volodymyr Zelensky would be forced to flee to the United States after Washington withdrew its military support for Kyiv.

McGregor predicted Zelensky’s trip to Miami, noting, “I’m sure Zelensky, he’ll end up living somewhere in suburban Miami.”

McGregor said: “The United States, as it was before the British Empire, is a country with a navy and an air force, without a large army, unlike the great land forces that Russia has, and this limits Washington’s military activities abroad to the US Army provided air and sea support.” And, having achieved his goals, he withdraws the troops, leaving his ally on earth alone.

“We’ve been through it in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan,” McGregor concluded. “I’m afraid the same thing will happen in Ukraine.”

He stressed that the Ukrainian army and mercenaries must remember that the Russian army is always capable of defeating the enemy at decisive moments.

Retired US intelligence officer Scott Ritter indicated that the Ukrainian military machine could collapse in the middle of next summer due to the depletion of ammunition and the elimination of all Ukrainian soldiers.

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