President Biden Warns Iran to be Careful Amid Hamas Attacks on Israel: Latest Updates


President Biden Warns Iran to Exercise Caution Amidst Hamas Attacks on Israel


President Joe Biden expressed his concerns to Iran regarding the recent attacks by the militant organization, Hamas, on Israel. He emphasized the need for caution during this volatile situation.

U.S. Support and Iranian Surprises

President Biden highlighted the aid being provided by the United States to Israel and mentioned the deployment of a U.S. carrier fleet to the region. In addition, he made it clear to the Iranians that they should exercise caution considering the circumstances.

Sources informed NBC News that Iranian leaders were caught off guard by Hamas’ assault on Israel. However, the Biden administration has yet to reach a definitive conclusion on this matter. White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan stated on Tuesday that Iran has been supporting Hamas for decades, thus implying their complicity in the attack.

Remarks at the Roundtable of Jewish Leaders

President Biden made these remarks during a roundtable discussion with Jewish leaders at the White House. The meeting, originally planned to address antisemitism, took on a different tone due to the recent attacks.

Call with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

President Biden revealed that he had a conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that morning. During the call, he emphasized the importance of Israel adhering to the rules of war.

Biden, who has a longstanding relationship with Netanyahu, stated, “It is really important that Israel, in all the anger and frustration that exists, operate by the rules of war. And there are rules.”

Support for Israel

The President expressed his belief that the Israeli government is making every effort to unite the country during this challenging time. He assured that the United States is fully committed to ensuring Israel’s success.

Denouncing the Attacks

President Biden condemned the attacks as a “campaign of pure cruelty.” He went further, stating that he considers these events to be the deadliest for Jews since the Holocaust.

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