Prince Al Qassim accepts the Saudi Games torch


His Royal Highness Prince Dr. Faisal bin Mishal bin Saud bin Abdulaziz, Governor of the Al Qassim region, received the torch of the Saudi Games at the emirate’s headquarters today in the presence of the emirate’s Deputy Minister, Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Wazzan, and a number of governors and officials in region. His Highness expressed his pride in the achievements in the field of sports and games in the Kingdom, noting that the flame of the Saudi Games, which engulfed all regions of the Kingdom, testifies to the development and sports progress, coinciding with the occasion of Al-Qassim National Day with the participation of more than 250 volunteers in the torch of the Games, asking God that our country be a torch of progress and prosperity and a beacon for the world in its faith and constants, praising the idea of ​​a torch that has united heritage, sports and all aspects of life in accordance with the vision of 2030.

The Saudi Arabia Games torch relay aims to bring the message of peace and friendship to people in different parts of the Kingdom, and to raise awareness and promote the biggest national event in the history of local sporting events in Saudi Arabia.

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