Protests broke out at the largest iPhone manufacturer in China

Widespread protests broke out out At Foxconn’s iPhone factory in Zhengzhou, Central China, circulating photos on Weibo and Twitter on Show Wed.

Employees of the world’s largest Apple iPhone factory have been beaten and arrested in protests over Contract disputes amid antivirus controls, according to employees and videos posted on social media.

Shared videos showed hundreds of factory workers in The city of Zhengzhou march on road in daylight, with Some face a row of people in Hazmat suits and riot police. was one person hit in The head with a club And he took another away with Hold his arms behind for him back.

appointments on social media They said they were protesting unspecified breaches of contract. The Weibo hashtag “Foxconn Riots” appeared to be censored by Wednesday afternoon, while some text posts referring to large-scale protests at a Foxconn factory remained live.

Foxconn, Apple’s main subcontractor, has seen prices skyrocket in COVID-19 cases on site in Zhengzhou in recent months, leading The company to close the vast complex in Try to keep the virus away in Check. The plant’s operator said earlier this month that it was using “Closed loop management,” which refers to employees who live in their workplace with number outside Call.

Now the panicked workers have fled the site en masse on Foot in getting up of allegations of Poor conditions at the facility, which employs hundreds of thousands of Workers.

Apple Inc. warned. Earlier than that deliveries of that it new iPhone 14 model It will be delayed due to disease control controls imposed on Zhengzhou factory. The city government suspended access to an industrial park surrounding the plant, which Foxconn said employs 200,000 people.

The company did not immediately respond media Port requests for comment on unrest.

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