Qatar is preparing for 200,000 per day air Passengers during the World Cup


Airlines will be organized across the Gulf scores of Shuttle trips to bring the World Cup fans As you expect Qatar up to 200,000 air Passengers a day during the event, authorities confirmed Thursday.

In a major operation to confront with for four weeks football tournamentAkbar Al Baker, Tourism minister And the CEO of Qatar Airways, said some ways to countries not involved in 32 countries tournament will stop et reduced.

Baker said Qatar’s Hamad International Airport and the older Doha International Airport will see capacity double to more from 200,000 people day.

With Qatar under increasing pressure to find a place for fans, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait Airways, flydubai and Oman Air more More than 160 daily shuttle flights from November 20 to bring in supporters on oneOne day trips matches.

Officials appreciate it more from 20000 fans can come in every day on Shuttles from neighboring Gulf countries.

Ibrahim Kochi, CEO of Saudi Airlines, said the airline will do so run at least 30 round Daily flights from cities of Riyadh and Jeddah can accommodate 10000 fans.

Al Baker said that flydubai will operate at least 30 round trip flights, Kuwait Airways 10 and Oman Air 24.

All flights will be booked for fans with World Cup tickets and who Loaded out special Registration, including biometric details.

Baker promised a “smooth” approach to immigration and security that would treat them as if they were praying on internal flight.

Qatar expected that 1.4 million people He will be visiting the small Gulf country during the World Cup, and many fan groups have expressed concerns about the accommodation and air Travel.

Baker said Qatar’s civil aviation authorities are working to increase the capacity of the airspace so that the three runways at Hamad Airport will operate “ongoingly” during the World Cup from November 21 to December 18.

He said Qatar Airways would cut its flights to destinations “unrelated” to the World Cup so that it could increase flights to them countries takes part.

about 70 percent of Qatar Airways regular You will see their trips times changed So that additional flights can be organized.

Airports will have to handle charter flights and airlines that have requested incorporation regular lines because of world Cup.

“There will be no place left (for upcoming carriers), when you allocate capacity, for Delay, for Detaining times, Becker warned.

He said that “state-of-The-art immigration systems” speed up The arrival of international Passengers.

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